High quality clothing repair and alteration.
Ladies Wear made to measure.
Specialist Wedding Dress Alterations With Over 30 Years Experience
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With more than 30 years of experience, I have the expertise to alter your dress to perfection. Most people have something in their wardrobe which – for many different reasons – doesn’t look quite how they would really like it. Instead of just letting such a garment hang there, why not let me alter or restyle it for you?

 Wedding dresses:

Like many brides, your wedding dress was not made-to-measure, it will probably need some alterations before it fits perfectly; whether it’s raising the hem, adding a bustle or altering it by whole dress size . .    Similarly, if your dress is too long or too wide I can alter it to fit your body shape perfectly . . .  The fittings and alterations involved are essential to making sure that you have the perfect dress on your big day – and I offer many years of international experience of those skills.  

Even if your dress has delicate lace, dazzling sequins, beads or heavy embellishment, I am able to restyle it.

The skills which I offer consequently make you feel confident and look amazing on your special day.

However, do keep in mind that the more extensive the changes, the more time it will take.  So, in your planning, please do include sufficient time for the adaptation or creation your dream dress . . .